Jetlag Tips
Five Tips to Beat Jetlag

Ease fatigue with these easy-to-follow tips, so you can make the most of your trip from the moment you arrive.

11th September 2017

Plants That Are Good For Your Health
Seven Plants That Are Good For Your Health

It’s been said that surrounding yourself with beautiful plants and flowers can instantly improve your mood. Plants are known to boost both efficiency in the workplace, as well as having a calming effect at home. From peace lilies to lady palms, these seven plants will improve your health and enhance your wellbeing.

24th August 2017

The Spa at The Twelve Apostles Hotel
5 Travel Skin Care Tips

Globetrotters who are always on the move, dashing back and forth between continents, climates and time zones, need to take special care to look after their skin when travelling. We have asked Joanne de Wet, Spa Manager at The Spa at The Twelve Apostles, to share her skin care travel tips and secrets. Tip 1

31st July 2014

The art of massage - in a seashell

We all have things that are stressing us out.  If you’re in London there’s all the extra congestion created by the world’s greatest sporting festival.  And if you’re in the country you’ve had the wettest June and July on record to contend with.  Then there’s all the other stuff in your life that goes on

19th July 2012

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