Jonathan Raggett
Jonathan Raggett on the Importance of Sustainable Luxury

Managing Director of Red Carnation Hotels, Jonathan Raggett shares his thoughts on the sustainability issues of today.

24th January 2018

Help Save The Earth
5 Simple Ways You Can Help Save The Earth

Discover how easy it is to do your bit to to protect, preserve, and restore the Earth with these five simple steps.

30th December 2017

Kitchen Garden Tips
Tips from the Summer Lodge Kitchen Garden

Executive Chef at Summer Lodge, Steven Titman, shares his tips on growing your own seasonal fruit, veg and herbs in your own kitchen garden.

26th December 2017

World Water Week: Karen Lynch, CEO, Belu Water on the contradictions faced by an ethical water brand

Karen Lynch, CEO of Belu Water, on the contradictions faced by an ethical water brand

01st September 2017

Travelling with Pets
Travelling with Pets the Red Carnation Way

We know it isn’t always possible to leave your pets at home, and that at other times, guests simply want to be able to enjoy their time away with their pet by their side. For this reason, Red Carnation hotels welcome guests’ pets with open arms, giving them the luxury treatment they deserve, whether in

31st March 2016

Stonechat_UrosPoteko_thinkstock header
A Guide to the Channel Islands’ Birds

Known for its abundant natural wildlife, Guernsey is the perfect place to discover hidden reserves, puffin colonies and hundreds of different Channel Islands' birds. Embrace your wild side and ignite a newfound interest in bird watching, or simply take the opportunity to capture some impressive wildlife snaps around Guernsey’s scenic shores. The ideal island retreat,

14th August 2014

Secrets of the gardens at Summer Lodge

Head Gardener at Summer Lodge, John Eke, gives insight into how he does it all, with a little help from his wife and his assistant

27th March 2013

Top 10 tips to prepare your garden for Spring

John Eke John Eke, Head Gardener at Summer Lodge Country House Hotel, shares the English passion of creating and maintaining beautiful green spaces for guests to enjoy. Within the hotel’s meticulously tended grounds you’ll find a spectacular water feature, the produce garden which provides fresh fruit, herbs and seasonal vegetables for the kitchen, wide green

01st March 2013

A taste for sustainability at Summer Lodge

For many years I’ve said that people taste a dish with their eyes well before it passes their lips. But the process actually starts even earlier than this – merely reading the menu encourages people to turn the ingredients over in their mind, and savour the flavours in their imagination, before they actually place their

07th June 2012

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