Jack and Alex Mackenzie


General Managers Jack and Alex discuss Summer Lodge's re-opening on 4th July.


As Summer Lodge prepares to welcome guests back, we catch up with General Managers Alex and Jack Mackenzie.

How did you get into the hospitality industry?

We have both worked in hospitality for many years in South Africa, London and Dorset since leaving university. 

Alex: My family are from a village 2 miles from Summer Lodge and I was taken for dinner here on my 18th birthday! After leaving London, I began working at Summer Lodge in their reception and met Jack who was then a Chef in the kitchen. 

Jack: I had previously run restaurants in South Africa before moving to the UK. Together we became General Managers of our sister property in the same village, The Acorn Inn, which we ran for 11 years before being asked to look after Summer Lodge.

What has kept you in the industry for so long?

It is always the people. We love welcoming our return guests home to Summer Lodge and meeting new guests everyday. We also love being a part of this very special team and working together to create wonderful, memorable experiences for our guests.

As Summer Lodge plans to reopen on the 4th July, do you have anything new to share?

Our team of chefs are busy creating wonderful new dishes for our guests to enjoy while our gardens team is looking forward to our first swarm of bees arriving for our new hive. 
We are also very excited about working closely with our Summer Lodge Mindfulness teacher, Verity Woodgate, to provide this amazing facility to our guests.

Do you have any special re-opening offers or promotions?

We are delighted to offer our returning guests who book a suite a wonderful Pimms Cream Tea to enjoy on the garden terrace. This captures the absolute best of the British Summer in the most relaxing setting possible. 

What is the perfect way to enjoy Dorset?

Bring your walking shoes, or borrow our bicycles, and get out into the countryside to enjoy the great outdoors. Dorset is full of stunning pathways and walks just begging to be explored. From stunning coastal paths to secluded country meadows its the best way to escape the crowds and to relax in the fresh air.

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