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Don't miss our monthly study mornings with Art Historian Jennie Spiers. 


Join us at Summer Lodge for stimulating art talks by art historian Jennie Spiers. Jennie is an Art Historian who organises study days and residential tours across Europe on a range of topics. For more information on Jennie and her work, please view her website for further details. 

10th February: Trains and stations through the eyes of artists
A study of the age of the steam driven locomotive as depicted in drawings, engravings, paintings and photographs. This will take us on a fascinating journey through city and countryside, stopping at stations to view an interesting array of travellers arriving and departing.

9th March: British Baroque: Power and Illusion (Exhibition at Tate Britain: 5 February – 19 April 2020
To complement the Tate Exhibition we will be looking at the works of the leading painters of the day – including Peter Lely, Godfrey Kneller and James Thornhill. “From the Restoration of Charles II in 1660 to the death of Queen Anne in 1714, the late Stuart period was a time of momentous change for Britain. From the royal court as the brilliant epicentre of the nation’s cultural life to the rise of party politics, the exhibition will look at the magnificence of art and architecture as an expression of status and influence.”

30th March: Aubrey Beardsley (Exhibition at Tate Britain: 4th March – 25th May 2020) 
A morning study of the unique talent of Aubrey Beardsley, which will give a deeper insight into this incredible artist’s oeuvre during his short career.  The Tate’s exhibition of his drawings will be the largest for 50 years.  Spanning seven years, it “will cover Beardsley’s intense and prolific career as a draughtsman and illustrator, cut short by his untimely death from tuberculosis, aged 25. Beardsley’s charismatic, enigmatic persona played a part in the phenomenon that he and his art generated, so much so that Max Beerbohm dubbed the 1890s the ‘Beardsley Period’.”

27th April: Titan: Love, Desire and Death (Exhibition at the National Gallery: 16th March – 14th June 2020)
We will discover the colourful world of the Venetian School of painters through discussing the glorious works by Titian.  The National Gallery states: “Combining Titian’s remarkable talent as both artist and storyteller, the mythological scenes capture moments of high drama…. Titian expertly manipulates paint and colour to dazzling effect; capturing luminous flesh, sumptuous fabrics, water, reflection, and atmospheric, almost enchanted, landscapes.”

1st June: Artemisia (Exhibition at the Sainsbury Wing, National Gallery: 6th April - 26th July 2020)
What a delight to examine the works of this incredible woman, as the National Gallery states: “At a time when women artists were not easily accepted, Artemisia Gentileschi was exceptional. She enjoyed a long and successful career as a painter, spanning more than 40 years, and she was the first woman to gain membership to the artists’ academy – the Accademia delle Arti del Disegno – in Florence.”

29th June: Angelica Kauffman (Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, London: 28th June - 20th September 2020)
Our study morning will look at yet another outstanding woman artist:   “In 18th-century Europe, Angelica Kauffman was a very successful artist in a largely male-dominated field. In this major exhibition, we trace her trajectory from child prodigy to one of Britain’s most sought-after painters. Angelica Kauffman (1741–1807) was one of the most successful artists of her time and a founding member of the Royal Academy.”

27th July: Cezanne: The Rock and Quarry Paintings (Royal Academy, London (12th July — 18th October 2020)
A study of the artist whom Picasso called “the father of us all.”  Concentrating on some of the works in the RA’s exhibition, which they describe: “With their radiant colours and rugged forms, Paul Cézanne’s paintings of the rocky landscapes of his native France are among the most extraordinary of his career…...The late paintings are among his greatest and most profoundly moving works.”

Time: 10am - 1pm
£30 which includes refreshments and pastries


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