Xtreme Falconry

Xtreme Falconry is a falconry bird of prey display team based in Dorset close to Devon and Somerset. Our falconry experiences range from a one hour owl experience to a five day falconry course.

Why not try one of the exciting falconry experiences:

The Ultimate Bird of Prey | Full day experience:
Experience flying them all including falcons and eagles.

The Hawk Experience | Full day experience:
Enjoy an unforgettable day of learning about falconry and flying hawks.

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The Hawk Experience | Half day experience:
Experience flying hawks under our expert guidance.

Exclusive/VIP Hunting Days:
Experience the true art of falconry with our falconers and gamekeeper.

Owl Experience:
Meet, hold and fly all of our owls.

Address: Beechwood Cottage, Marshwood, Bridport, Dorset, DT6 5QJ
Contact: 01297 678194
E-Mail: enquiries@xtremefalconry.co.uk