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Our Team

At Summer Lodge, we understand how important it is to look after our staff and provide a happy and safe working environment. Here are some of the ways in which we do this:

  • As members of The Ark Foundation, which raises alcohol and drug awareness, we work closely with them to draft our own policy in the staff handbook. Training is provided to help recognise these problems and reduce their impact on a person, their colleagues, the hotel, their families and the community.
  • Staff can volunteer for work in the community during company time for up to two days per year, and still be paid their regular wage by the hotel.
  • An insured car is provided for staff with a driver’s license and no car, giving them greater freedom to enjoy their surroundings
  • We observe the minimum wage, follow the fair tips charter, offer considerable staff incentives and benefits whilst providing a safe, healthy and pleasant work environment
  • Gratuities are not included in any price. 100% of gratuities are given to staff