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Energy Saving

At Summer Lodge, we are passionate about looking after our environment and conserving energy wherever possible. Our energy saving efforts include:

  • In winter, when we are running at lower occupancies, we try to use rooms in the main house to reduce energy consumption
  • Most of our light bulbs have been changed to the energy efficient variety
  • 49% of staff live in the grounds or in the village, reducing the need for transport
  • We turn off stoves and ovens as early as possible if they are not required
  • A liquid blanket on the swimming pool at night reduces our chlorine consumption
  • Condensers in fridges, freezers and air-conditioners are cleaned regularly to keep them operating at maximum efficiency
  • Fantastic advances in fabric technology mean we can now cold wash all uniforms (instead of having to dry-clean them) and don’t have to iron them (yet still have them looking very good). This saves petrol, dry-cleaning chemicals and energy