Wine Dinners

An evening of fine dining and fine wines

The skills of Chef Steven Titman are married to the extraordinary knowledge and experience of Sommelier Eric Zwiebel in the now famous Summer Lodge Wine Dinners, to create a simply extraordinary experience.

Focusing on a selected house or style, with a guest speaker to inform and entertain diners, these special lunches/dinners begin with an introduction to the selected wines. The following meal includes a delicious four-course menu specially created by Steven Titman to complement the five different wines (including aperitifs) showcased during the event.

Next event taking place (2016):

  • 3rd May: Enotria Wine Merchants, Spain, £105 per person
  • 7th June: Sommelier’s Choice Wine Merchants, Italy, £105 per person
  • 5th July: Silver Oak, California, £135 per person
  • 2nd August: 5 Sommeliers Black-tie Dinner, £135 per person
  • 4th October: Alsace, £105 per person
  • 1st November: Axa Millesimes, £105 per person
  • 6th December: Champagne Black-tie Dinner, £135 per person

Short Lunchtime Wine Tutorials: 

Our sommelier will select three wines to illustrate the topic and go through the most important characteristics of each region. The tutored tasting will last approximately 45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of questions and answers. There will be opportunities over lunch to pose further questions.

11.30 am tutored tasting.
12.30 pm a delicious two-course lunch consisting of a main course and dessert with one glass of wine selected by the sommelier and served with the main course.

  • 12th August, Champagne, £49.50
  • 16th September, Australia, £49.40
  • 14th October, South West France, £49.50
  • 18th November, Chile, £49.50


    "Using Dorset's abundant local produce, my resourceful and imaginative team use their strong classical foundations and light modern touches to provide guests with an exceptional dining experience - from fine dining in the restaurant to light lunches and our popular Afternoon Tea, our focus is always on serving cuisine of the highest standard." 

    Executive Chef, Steven Titman


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