Our Bar

The Whisky Lounge

The warm and cosy setting of The Bar is the perfect place in which to relax in elegant surroundings and enjoy a glass of your favourite tipple, or perhaps try something new from our impressive selection of beverages. Meet friends in the bar and enjoy sampling a vast array of expertly created cocktails, from well known favourites to creatively inspired choices. Whisky lovers will enjoy relaxing in the traditional Whisky Lounge with an impressive choice of the finest whiskies from Scotland, Ireland, Canada, USA, South Africa and further across the globe. 

Our knowledgeable Bar team will be on hand to guide you through the extensive Menu and help you choose from the list of Whiskies, Cognacs, Wines, spirits and cocktails and pretty much anything else you can think of! 

And, why not try our new Spicy Dorset Island cocktail which is a lovely combination of spice, power and exotic acidity. Or, why not try creating it at home with this recipe:

Spicy Dorset Island

-30 ml of  local Dorset Black Cow vodka (made from cows milk) infused with vanilla and chilli
-20 ml of lime juice
-50 ml of passion fruit puree
-a dash of vanilla syrup
Decorate with passion fruit and a passion fruit chocolate truffle.

Place 1 red chilli cut in the middle and 2 vanilla pods cut in the middle inside a 70cl bottle vodka. Leave it to macerate for 3 days or more depending how spicy you want your vodka.

In a shaker place your ingredients with ice and shake until cold and double strain in a cocktail glass. Either decorate with half a passion fruit, or do as we do and place a lovely passion fruit chocolate truffle inside an empty passion fruit shell.

Now just relax and enjoy!