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Material Utilisation and Recycling

The team at Summer Lodge understand the importance of reducing waste and utilising our materials effectively. At the hotel you will find the following methods:

  • Beds removed from guest rooms are used in staff quarters and all other staff accommodation furniture is bought from Cox’s Corner, a second hand furniture store in Bridport
  • Paper, cardboard and glass as well as metal bottle tops, most of our plastic and printer cartridges are recycled
  • Meetings are sometimes held in the garbage compound where we go through our rubbish to see who is throwing items away that could be recycled
  • All paper used in the hotel, including toilet paper and paper towel, is FSC certified (Forestry Stewardship Council) 
  • Our walls are covered in fabric - no harmful paints or wallpaper glue
  • We try where possible, to source wine bottled with real corks. This support the cork forests of Spain and Portugal, sustaining their amazing and rare eco systems
  • Padded envelopes, bubble wrap and other packaging from deliveries are reused
  • We email the weekly rota to everyone, saving ink and paper 
  • Leftover candles are recycled into candles which a local church, the RNLI and Barnardos sell to raise funds
  • For cool evenings, a pile of natural blankets and shawls are available for guests to use
  • Four log burning fires in the hotel provide a friendlier form of heating than air-conditioning and old newspapers are recycled into paper bricks 
  • As part of the ‘Too Good to Waste’ initiative, we offer doggy bags to guests. The boxes themselves are from the LondonBioPackaging company and are compostable, made from recycled materials
  • When we simply cannot avoid printing something, all our printers print on both sides of each page