Dorset Knob Throwing and Frome Valley Food Fest at Cattistock

  • Category: Family Fun
  • Date: Sunday, 05 May 2013

Luxury Dorset hotel guests can get involved in a quirky local tradition by taking part in the annual Dorset Knob Throwing festival on May 5th 2013.

Taking place in the picturesque village of Cattistock, the event sees participants hurling traditional Dorset knobs in a good-spirited competition, while also enjoying other traditional entertainment and additional activities.

For example, guests will be able to get involved in knob eating, painting and darts, with a knob-and-spoon race and a weight-guessing contest also being held.

Moreover, running alongside the knob throwing will be the Frome Valley Food Fest, giving visitors the opportunity to sample breads, cheeses, ciders, meats, pies, preserves, and puddings from local producers.

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